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Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing san antonio tx Mobile Marketing San Antonio

Mobile marketing is a form of online marketing that’s very different from older web marketing strategies. In fact, if your San Antonio website hasn’t been updated in some time, it is certainly not optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile marketing consists of all the actions taken to optimize your site for consumers who visit it using mobile devices. Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, have revolutionized the way people shop and find businesses or services. A web page that isn’t optimized for mobile is losing customers and money every day.

According to a recent study, customers now spend as much time on mobile devices as they do on laptops and desktop computers. Clearly, mobile is not an area any business can afford to ignore.

San Antonio Community and Business

San Antonio is home to 1.38 million residents and 20 million annual visitors. The Alamo, Riverwalk and Sea World attract visitors from around the globe while San Antonio’s vibrant arts scene and eclectic business community attract permanent residents from all walks of life.

The San Antonio business community includes all types of companies including retail stores, non-profit businesses  and service industries. All of these businesses can benefit from the intelligent use of mobile marketing in San Antonio and throughout the area.

What Are The Most Common Techniques Used in Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing doesn’t refer to only one strategy.  Rather, our professional San Antonio mobile marketing efforts include a number of commonly used approaches to optimize a business’ mobile presence.

  • Short Messaging Service or SMS. SMS marketing involves sending short messages through directly to customers via cell phone. While an SMS campaign can be difficult to set up initially, it can result in huge benefits for a company once underway. This is one of the simplest ways to reach a large audience for little to no cost. Businesses can advertise sale information, important dates or other data easily sent in a few short words.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS. The older, prettier sister of SMS, MMS serves much the same purpose but allows for rich text, multimedia attachments, images and even short videos to be sent to customers. As images and other forms of visual information continue to evolve, MMS will likely edge out SMS at some point as the preferred form of contact for mobile customers.
  • Bluecasting. Sending out messages to users in close proximity is another form of mobile marketing that is gaining notoriety, especially for retail businesses. When users enter a store, for example, they will be asked if they want to accept Bluecasting specials that can then guide them to special savings or important product lines. Setting up Bluecasting can be a great way to move products to customers already in a store.
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD. USSD is another form of mobile program that allows users to tap into a business’s database and perform certain functions. Primarily used currently by banks, USSD has great potential for in-store ordering and other services for the future.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing To A Business

What can mobile marketing do for your San Antonio business? Here are some of the great things that can happen when you choose mobile marketing:

  • Greater productivity. Mobile marketing for San Antonio businesses is simply more productive in most cases than traditional counterparts. You can convert sales, reach a wider audience and target your advertising efforts more effectively and quickly. SMS and other techniques allow you to reach both existing and prospective clients so that you increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Gets to the point. SMS offers short, direct messaging capabilities to business owners who just want to reach customers quickly. You can target your audience, send a personalized message and enjoy the benefits without spending the hours devising a marketing campaign. SMS is great for on-the-fly composition, so you can let customers know about last-minute sales or closeouts or share important news instantly, without worrying about planning your communication in advance. SMS increases direct communication with customers and helps businesses handle all types of interactions.
  • Web browser ads targeted for mobile customers. Mobile devices have great advertising capability. However, mobile web browsers use different protocols than laptop or desktop browsers, so it’s important to optimize your content for a mobile audience. When you do so, you will find that you can suddenly reach an entirely new audience that may never have seen your content before.
  • Advertise through mobile games. Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Farmville and more are popular mobile phone games, and marketing through these channels can be a great way to reach your audience. If your target market spends a lot of time playing mobile phone games, reach them where they are!
  • Mobile advertising can be less expensive. While there may be an initial investment for mobile marketing, the time spent on these campaigns can be significantly lower when compared to other mediums. This means that once your mobile marketing strategy is in place, minimal work is required to keep it actively reaching your customers day after day. You can save yourself time, money and effort with a mobile marketing campaign for your San Antonio business.

What Does The Future Hold?

Some business owners are concerned about investing in mobile marketing because the technology changes so quickly. While there is some truth to this, the fact is that by failing to take advantage of today’s mobile marketing opportunities by worrying about tomorrow, you are missing out on a huge revenue producer for your company.

As new phones and applications appear, mobile marketing techniques will expand to meet these challenges. When you allow CityWide SEO to design your mobile marketing in San Antonio, you are taking the right step to reach this incredible potential.

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