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Looking for Web Design in San Antonio?

website design san antonio txUsers want a website that is friendly, professional and engaging. They want websites that are colorful but use fonts that can be read easily and contain a large number of graphics including videos, images and infographics.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive web design  is the name given to the skill that web designers have in identifying and targeting a certain type of user with the design of a web site. Responsive refers to the way a website “responds” to user needs. There are several “levels” of responsive web design, including:

  • Device responsiveness. You need a website that can instantly work on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. The simplest and least expensive way to do this is to design a website that is responsive to both mobile and stationary devices. In the alternative, your web designer can create two separate websites. Either way, responsiveness to the type of device used is critical for website success. Visitors will not stay on a website that does not work on their device.
  • Location responsiveness. Your website must be sensitive to where your users are located. This helps you determine how local traffic behaves and target those users with specific local advertising. Further, location responsiveness can tailor your website’s content to specific regions, cultures or locales, making the content uniquely suited for each user.
  • Behavior responsiveness. The behavior of the user, the browsing history of the device and the search terms used should all have an impact on how your website behaves for that visitor. This is why it is so important to modify your website based on user behavior and to tailor your results to target those who are visiting your web pages.

A few facts about how your website is perceived in those critical first five seconds:

  • 94% of first impressions are design-related. That means that how your website is set up will be the first “hit” a visitor receives. Crowded content, out-of-date pictures and funky fonts will drive visitors away quickly. Similarly, if your website is not optimized to load quickly, visitors will not wait around. Your website design must be streamlined, professional and grab the reader’s attention immediately.
  • 62% of businesses that design a website for mobile have increased sales. There are two ways to handle mobile websites: an alternative version of your regular site or a mobile URL. Both methods have the same goal: to give mobile users the best experience possible. If a mobile user finds that a company does not have a mobile-friendly site, it is unlikely the potential customer will go home and communicate with the business on a desktop or laptop. Therefore it is critical that your business reach customers on mobile devices effectively with a well-designed mobile site.
  • 75% of people have admitted to judging a company’s credibility on their website design. If it is not clear by now that your website design is important, perhaps this number will help to highlight that fact. Three out of four people admit to judging a company based on its web design. We think the other one may be lying!

How Can I Get a Great San Antonio Website Design?

You know that having a great website design is essential, but how do you get one? It starts by understanding what your customers want.

Web Design for San Antonio Community and Businesses

San Antonio is a city founded with a frontier spirit, and today it is still home to many businesses that embody that love of life and quest for excellence in every endeavor. San Antonio was founded in 1691 by Spanish priests and, since that time, it has held an important place in Texas history. The San Antonio we see today, home to more than 1.3 million people and the host of 20 million annual visitors per year, is the home of attractions steeped in tradition such as The Alamo, those designed for modern life such as the Riverwalk, and those that appeal to all age groups such as Sea World.

While San Antonio is a great place to visit, there are also many businesses that provide a living for millions in the greater San Antonio area. San Antonio’s business community includes companies of all types, such as retail stores, non-profit businesses and service industries. All of these businesses can use the right web design to promote their companies and help increase their value. For example:

  • San Antonio retail stores can use responsive web design to funnel customers to particular products or sales. CityWide SEO web design experts can help you target the right customers for your retail store, both geographically and on the web. We can help you get those customers into your store or on your website and, once there, help them find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • San Antonio service industries can use responsive web design to engage user interest and loyalty. Because service industries provide services rather than products, it is crucial that website visitors develop a trust relationship with these companies. Through the use of social media and targeted marketing, CityWide SEO can help service industries develop a strong customer base through the right website design.
  • San Antonio non-profit companies can also benefit from responsive website design. Whether your non-profit is local or national, we can help you generate user interest through your website design.

For the very best in web design, contact CityWide SEO at (210) 702-2903. We have professional web designers ready to help you create the perfect web design for your San Antonio business website!